Payment System Stakeholder Forum

The Payment System Stakeholder Forum for collections was constituted as an Association on the 18th October 2006. The Constitution was changed and the changes accepted on 22 March 2011 to focus on and named as the Early Debit Order (EDO) Payment System Stakeholder Forum (PSSF) or EDO PSSF.

The EDO PSSF acts as the association of and discussion forum for any person (legal or natural) that facilitate the collection of and / or that collect monies through the EDO Payment Streams and / or the associations of said persons (legal or natural). The EDO PSSF also require its members to act responsibly in the National Payment System (NPS) in support of the overseer of the NPS namely the South African Reserve Bank (SARB) and the creators of the EDO Payment Streams which are those banks that established the EDO Payment Streams.

Any persons wanting to make use of and /or are making use of any one or more of the EDO Payment Streams namely the Authenticated Early Debit Order (AEDO) system and / or the Non-authenticated Early Debit Order (NAEDO) system, can do so through by using the services of any one or more System Operators and / or banks to assist them to do collections of payments due to them. These persons are required to become an EDO PSSF Beneficiary member of the EDO PSSF with the assistance of their System Operators and / or banks that are also compelled to register their relationship with any one or more person that they enable to use the EDO Payment Streams by loading the required data of such persons onto the database of the EDO PSSF.

In short, any person (legal or natural) whether collecting moneys due to them and / or providing access for such collections to the aforesaid persons and / or associations created by any of the aforementioned persons are required to become members of the EDO PSSF. The requirement to become EDO PSSF System Operator members includes persons acting as Beneficiary Service Providers as defined in the SARB Directive 1 of 2007 and SARB Directive 2 of 2007.

  1. All definitions used on this page can be found in the “Objectives & Constitution” page of this web site.
  2. Prospective members should refer to the “Members” page of this web site for the process to follow to become a member.