The EDO Payment Systems

  • AEDO - Authenticated Early Debit Order
  • NAEDO - Non-Authenticated Early Debit Order

The above EDO Payment Streams and Clearing Houses were established in co-operation between the South African Reserve Bank, the Payments Association of South Africa, the banking industry and other stakeholders. Conduct in the respective EDO Payment Clearing Houses is regulated in terms of the South African Reserve Bank Directive No 2 of 2006, issued in terms of the NPS Act.

The EDO PCH Agreements and EDO PCH Clearing Rules established criteria for access to the EDO Payment Streams that compels Beneficiaries (Users of the EDO Payment System) to be Members of the EDO PSSF as part of that access criteria for the use of the EDO Payment System.

All current and future users of AEDO and / or NAEDO are therefore required to be members of the EDO PSSF and to apply with the assistance of SO Members and / or Banks as indicated on the “Members” page for Membership regardless of whether such users are also members of one of the Associations which are members of the EDO PSSF or not.

Similarly, any persons providing EDO Collection Services to Beneficiaries and / or EDO PSSF Beneficiaries using either of AEDO and /or NAEDO are required to become an EDO PSSF System Operator member of the EDO PSSF by registering with the EDO PSSF their relationship with any one or more Beneficiary and / or EDO PSSF Beneficiary. The requirement to become EDO PSSF System Operator members includes persons acting as Beneficiary Service Providers as defined in the SARB Directive 1 of 2007 and SARB Directive 2 of 2007.

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  1. All definitions used on this page can be found in the “Objectives & Constitution” page of this web site.
  2. Prospective members should refer to the “Members” page of this web site for the process to follow to become a member.